Instagram 的最新功能!Instagram Has A Big New Update


Instagram正在提供他的8000萬註冊會員一個新的功能。這個照片分享的App增加它在地點上的注意,這個新功能叫做Photo Maps。


這個新的地圖會搜集你的Instagram照片上的地點資訊,並且和Google Map連結,當然是在你的允許之下。


如果你不想要每張照片都在你的Photo Map上出現,你可以選擇哪些照片要顯示,哪些不要,只要你取消之後這些地理位置的資訊就會被移除掉。



when you first fire up instagram after the update youre greeted by information about the photo map tapping ok makes this go away if you want to opt out choose cancel in the top left corner

here is your photo map you can zoom in to see exactly where you took photos

the profile has a new look as well and you can easily access the photo map from there

the explore tab was also refreshed in this update it now makes popular photos easy to spot







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