看Free People 如何使用Instagram 銷售服裝|Free People Uses Instagram To Sell Jeans in A Clever Way

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want to see when photos dont work

certain products on free peoples website give consumers the option to share your style



Free People是Urban Outfitters旗下的一個服飾品牌,他最近鼓勵顧客將他們穿上Free People衣服的照片放上Instagram,並且發佈在Free People的產品頁上。他們也利用了Twitter的hashtag功能,在一些牛仔褲產品上可以找到相關的穿搭照片。這些照片不只會出現在Instagram上,有些照片也會被放上Free People的官網上,讓一些潛在消費者可以看到這些衣服實際上穿起來的效果。


紐約新創公司的共同出資者(co-founder)Jose de Cabo告訴Mashable:「很多電子商務的顧客最後不購買一項產品,通常是因為他們不確定這個產品是否適合自己。」所以Free People這個舉動除了讓更多消費者自己當model之外,也讓更多人勇於購買他們的產品,是不是很聰明呢?


以下有一些Free People的顧客用Instagram拍攝的圖片,有的真的把衣服穿得好漂亮呀!


but when consumers scroll down they can see how real people have worn and accessorized the items1

customers can share how they wear the sorbet tie dye jeans by tagging photos are fpsorbettiedye

people can scroll through and decide what looks work for them and then they are encouraged to purchase the right fit

want to see when photos dont work


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